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Hypothyroidism & Exercise: Overcoming Exercise Roadblocks

Hypothyroidism & Exercise: Overcoming Exercise Roadblocks

As many as 20 million Americans suffer from some form of thyroid disease. Patients who don’t understand their disease place themselves at increased risk of a variety of conditions. These include heart disease, infertility, and osteoporosis. Exercise for thyroid control, however, can be an effective part of a complete health care plan. Many doctors are often asked about the best exercises for thyroid patients with the desire to start cultivating the benefits. Here is what all patients should understand about hypothyroidism and exercise.

Hypothyroidism and Exercise | What You Need to Know

The Benefits of Exercise for Hypothyroidism


Exercise offers a number of benefits for patients struggling with this disease, including good heart health. Patients who have low thyroid levels may have a slowed heart rate that gradually declines over time. Regular exercise, however, reduces the risk associated with the poor heart health, including lowering the chances of developing an arrhythmia.

Exercise can also help improve overall cardiovascular health and slow down weight gain. Patients with hypothyroidism often find themselves gaining weight more easily than other people. This weight gain can place the patient at an even greater risk of weight-related health problems. Regular exercise helps counteract this effect, which in turn helps improve the body’s overall health.

The Roadblocks of Hypothyroidism and Exercise


Patients who struggle with hypothyroidism often find themselves struggling with a specific list of obstacles that threaten their ability to maintain a regular exercise program. Fatigue often lies at the top of this list. Many patients with hypothyroidism will feel fatigued because of poor metabolic function and poor cardiac health. This can result in feelings of ‘brain fog’ and difficulty finding the energy to exercise. Patients may also experience symptoms such as fat retention and heart palpitations, both of which can make exercise a struggle. Patients with these symptoms may become discouraged more easily and may have trouble finding the motivation to reach their goals.

Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Hypothyroidism Exercise Routines


Patients just starting with an exercise routine need to remember that everyone begins at their own level and pace. They have to keep in mind that finding thyroid fatigue solutions is a process. Remembering that everyone begins at their own level can help patients focus on their own personal goals.

Many trainers also have experience developing routines tailored to the needs and experiences of those with hypothyroidism. For example, interval training can be a positive experience for many patients. During this type of exercise, patients race against themselves, increasing the amount of effort they put forth for different periods of time. By focusing on giving exercises maximum effort, patients begin to see the benefits of exercising and stay away from potential set-backs.

Exercise With Care


Patients with hypothyroidism, however, need to make sure they listen to their bodies. Beginning an exercise routine should always be done with care. Working with professionals who have experience with hypothyroidism will help people get the most out of their efforts. Professional trainers can create custom routines specifically for the individual.

Even those not working with a professional need to make sure they begin their exercise program under the guidance of their doctor. The doctor can monitor the patient’s condition to make sure that they maintain a safe and healthy exercise regimen. The doctor may also have suggestions for exercises that might be helpful or even trainers that may have worked well with other patients in the past.

The Takeaway

For patients struggling with hypothyroidism, exercise can be a challenge, but overcoming it can offer patients tremendous health benefits. The better they understand exercise and hypothyroidism, the easier it will be to overcome these obstacles and reach goals that may have previously seemed out of reach.